Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Orca Apron

What's on the cutting/sewing table today?  How about a navy and teal reversible totemic orca apron.  I have a bunch to sew together.  I was a little over zealous when I was preparing to leave home.  I hope to finish them all.

Monday, January 21, 2019

Cave Creek Regional Park

We’ve fallen in love with Cave Creek Regional Park in the Maricopa County Park System.  This was our first stay in this park on the northern edge of the county.  Cave Creek is located northeast of Phoenix next to Carefree, Arizona.  It is a small town with lots of horses and about 6000 people.  The great thing about State and Regional Parks is the space.  There is lots and lots of space between RV's.  We have a huge backyard and trails right outside our door.

 Maricopa County parks have great trails for running, hiking and biking and this park is no exception.  The one difference at this park is the number of horses on the trails.  There are lots of horses and horse apples on the trails. It is very busy on the weekends with lots of hikers and horse back riders.  During the week, you may pass a few people on the trails but it’s generally pretty quiet.

A sign on the Clay Mine Trail

Check out the greenery!  There has been rain in the region so the landscape is green.

And, at the end of a day of hiking and playing, we can start our propane fire, our propane grill and light up our lights and have an enjoyable outdoor picnic.

Saddle Mountain Brewing Company

It’s fun to visit the local breweries and we found one in Goodyear that we would visit again.  The Saddle Mountain Brewing Company brews Taildragger Craft Beers.  

 Check out the decor, isn’t it fun.  There are 5 TV's all tuned to different channels but people didn't seem to be watching them.

Doug likes to order one beer and I like to taste the different beers.  That way, he gets his beer and a taste of several beers too.  Our server Sydnee helped me select 6, 4 oz beers from the menu.  I like to taste test.

 These beers were my choices.  
1.  5G is a Belgain beer.  It is smooth and not bitter it tastes a lot like orange juice
2.  Chasing Tail is an amber and while it is ok, but too light and it doesn't begin to compete with Alaskan Amber.
3.  Clan Destine is a Scottish style ale made with scotch ingredients.  There is a hint of the taste of Jamisons in this beer.
4.  Hop Snob is an IPA that isn't bitter and it is yummy.  Sydnee says it's a favorite among IPA drinkers.
5.  Tarmak porter is rich and smokey
Slav Coffee stout is a rich dark beer with a hint of coffee.  
My favorite beer was the Clan Destine and the Hop Snob and Tarmak.  Doug liked the Tarmak.


We also enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Saddle Mountain Brewing Company.  I had delicious Ruben sliders with piles of corn beef and cheese  served in a pretzel buns.  Doug had a beef sandwich which he said was very good.  If you are looking for a brewery with good beer and food, I recommend the Saddle Mountain Brewing Company.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Estrella Mountain Regional Park

This 19,800 acre park was the first Regional Park in Maricopa County. Estrella (Estreya) Park is south of Goodyear, Arizona.  A small fee of $7.00 per vehicle will get you into this park anytime between 6AM and 8PM Sunday through Friday and 6AM - 10PM on Saturdays.  There are all kinds of organized activities in the park.  Visit the parks website at maricopacountyparks.net to get information about the park, the schedule and the fees.  

There are several trails in this park if you’d like to go for a little hike.  We visited this park for the first time this year.  We decided to go for a walk on the Quail Trail.  The slight incline and pebbly surface make this a very easy trail for walkers of all abilities.  


There has been a lot of rain in this area so plants are blooming.  

You can get a trail map when you check in and the trails are well marked.  The desert views are amazing.

The Park Nature Center has all kinds of information about the area and there are live snakes in cages inside the building.  

 The bathrooms are really clean and this is the first park bathroom I've been in that has toilet covers.  

If you are in the Phoenix area, I recommend you check out the Estrella Mountain Regional Park.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Sewing in Arizona

I was doing laundry and decided to go to the activity room to check emails and look at my favorite blogs.  I opened the door to the activity room and experienced a sharp intake of breath and then expelled a quiet oooooooh.  There were sewing machines and ironing boards everywhere.  Was this heaven?  Note to self, check the weekly activities on the white board when I am in an RV park.  It was Monday, sewing day.  It was later in the afternoon so I didn’t have time to get my machine and projects so instead, I visited with the women in the room.  They were all working on different projects. 

Look at these most interesting items.  This lovely lady is working on reusable feminine hygiene products for young women who don't have access to them.   She works with a Presbyterian Church that is committed to helping young women with hygiene products.  Find out more about the international organization  Days for Girls if you would like to become involved in this service project.
 These two women were having a conversation about the strip quilt.

 Look at this yummy, soft deer flannel.  This quilt will keep someone warm.  This quilter has made quilts for her kids' and grandkids' graduation.  She said she will make quilts for her great grandkids' graduation too and will make sure someone gives them each a quilt if she isn't there to do it.

Bunny is working on a star quilt from a pattern by In The Beginning Fabrics.  She was working on the border stars and didn't have the center but ran home to get it so I could share a picture.  look at all of those little points.  

Look at Kathy's project.  It's an iron case.  The outside fabric is a pretty green and cream design and the inside is an ironing pad.  She put it together and is ready to put the bias tape around the edges. 

Aren't these great red, tan and blue quilt blocks.  One of the interesting things I learned when I was talking to this quilter is that she does hand quilting and always has something on the quilting rack.

Isn't this a great table runner and the colors are the best.  There's nothing like blue and white.  This quilter is from Nebraska and she started coming to Cotton Lane RV Resort because a lifelong friend was spending the winters here.  They quilt together.

I didn't have time to visit with her friend but she is working on this quilt  Isn't it great.  She also had a Seahawks bag hanging on the back of her chair.  Seahawks fans are everywhere.

I am sure glad I happened on this sewing party.  I am sorry I don't remember everyone's name and I would be very happy if you want to remind me.

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Friday, January 18, 2019

The Annual Home Show in Phoenix

Home shows are pretty fun to visit.  There are hundreds of booths selling everything you need for your home, inside and out.  The Phoenix Home Show is held annually in the Phoenix Fair Grounds.  If you are planning to build or renovate your home, you can get all kinds of ideas for planning and constructing your dream.  

Look at this, something every home needs, a quilt machine that just runs on it's own.

You can  learn to cook using Kitchen Craft pots and pans.

There are lots of great things to look at under the tents like flooring, tile, fixtures, windows, doors, building supplies and more.

We had a hot tub for years and we loved sitting outside in warm water.  We purchased two hot tub lids during our tubs lifetime because the rain saturated the lids making them impossible to lift.  Look at the lid on this tub.  It's perfect for a rainy climate.  We might like to get another tub.  Here are some fun options.

There were 6 tiny homes to walk through.  There were long lines at the doors of each of the homes. This home is tiny and pretty cute.  Look at this fashionable, modern bedroom.

The bedroom door is fashionable and the living room is cozy.

The bathroom is tiny but has all of the necessary facilities.

Here's a shot from the bathroom.  Isn't the kitchen cute.  There is also a heat pump over the door.  You can see it is a small house.  

How about this!  If you love the outdoors, this home is for you.

If you love the outdoors but want to stay closer to home, here are some items you may want to consider for your home.

We made one purchase at the home show.  These items clean your glasses, computer screens, camera lenses, iPhones, iPads and more.  
Home shows are fun to visit, even if you aren't in the market for home construction items.  There is a little something for everyone.