Thursday, July 30, 2015

Weekly Deal for July 30-August 5

This week's deal in my Christmas Jul shop is 20% off on a machine embroidery Santa Claus pattern from Bird Brain Designs.  It is a versatile pattern.  You can make a Santa quilt, or make a pillow or wall hanging.  This pattern is regularly $49.00.  This week only, you can purchase the Santa Clause pattern for $38.40 + shipping.  Click the picture to make the purchase.

This weeks deal in my Run 'n Stitch shop is, 20% off my Lena and Ole raw edge quilt patterns.   Lena and Ole regularly sell for $5.00.  This week only, the price for each pattern is $4.00.  When you purchase these patterns from my Etsy shop, they are sent to you via email within two days of your order.

Bird Brain Designs Machine Embroidery Santa

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

John Flynn Quilt Frame

Our local quilt guild, The Rain Country Quilters, used to bring nationally known quilt instructors to our little town once a year.  They opened up the classes to everyone, quilt guild members and non-quilt guild members alike.  The Rain Country Quilters hosted many wonderful quilters, Kim Dihl, Carol Doak, Elenore Burns and John Flynn to name a few.  I attended a quilt class with instructor John Flynn.  I am still working on the 'Storm At Sea' quilt we did in the class.  It is a UFO I must finish. 

It was at this class that I learned about the quilt frame John Flynn had recently developed.  One of the class members had purchased one and hadn't had a chance to use it because she wasn't quite sure how to put it together.  She brought hers in and John gave us all a little instruction.  

For the past several years, I have been thinking about purchasing a John Flynn Quilt frame.  This winter, at the Road To California quilt show,  I bit the bullet and bought the frame.  I walked by the box for 6 months before I could muster up the courage to take it out and put it together.  There is a DVD and alsobpaper instructions for setting up the frame.  I chose to go to the website to get my instructions.  The instructions on the website are easy to follow and you can stop and replay them over and over. (John Flynn Website-CLICK HERE)
I've accomplished step 1 of the process, the frame is put together and the quilt is on the frame.  Now to figure out what to quilt.  

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Weekly Deal for July 23-29

This weeks deal is 20% off on an Amy Butler fabric bundle with 10 fabrics from the 'Belle' line.  This bundle is listed in my Run 'n Stitch shop at  The price of this bundle is 27.50.  This week only, the price is 22.00 + shipping.

This weeks deal in my Christmas Jul Shop is,  20% off on a Maywood Studios  'Merry and Bright' fabric bundle.  Find this bundle at  The price of this bundle is 22.00.  This week only the price of the Maywood Studios Bundle is 17.60 + shipping. Click any picture to purchase the fabric bundle.

Amy Butler Belle Bundle

Maywood Studios Merry and Bright Bundle


Saturday, July 18, 2015

Christmas In July Poinsettia Table Runner

Dana Michelle has created a lovely poinsettia pattern for Wildfire Designs.  You can put together all kinds of lovely table runners using this pattern. To find the pattern, click on the picture.
I put this pattern together using a lovely blue and white poinsettia fabric. 

I used a combination of the Making Waves pattern by Laurie Shifrin Designs and the Poinsettia Too pattern to create a few more table runners.
My method is to find beautiful poinsettia fabrics and use them to guide my choice of colors for the raw edge appliqué pattern.

Fusible applique is a fun and easy process.  And this pattern has nice big pieces, which make it easy to trace, cut out, and put together.  You can find tips for working with fusible web HERE

 This pattern goes together quickly and the results are stunning.

I know, it's July, but it's never too early to start those Christmas projects.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Weekly Deal - July 16-July 22, 2015

This weeks deal is 20% off the Tidal Pool Table Runner Pattern that is listed in my Run 'n Stitch shop at and 20% off the Poinsettia Table Runner Pattern which is listed in my Christmas Jul shop.  

The regular cost of each of these patterns is 12.00  The Weekly Deal price is 9.60.  Both patterns are from Wildfire Designs Alaska.  Dana Michelle creates beautiful designs that are inspired by the scenes near her home.  

Check out my raw edge appliqué tutorial to answer questions about working with these patterns.  CLICK HERE FOR TUTORIAL

Click the picture to purchase the pattern.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Tidal Pool

Southeast Alaska is an archipelago. The miles and miles of beaches in this region are home to an abundance of sea creatures.  There can be more than 20 feet of tidal fluctuation in our area.  If you wander down to the beach low tide, you will find tidal pools with all kinds of interesting life.  Dana Michelle Woodard at Wildfire Designs had created a table runner pattern for the beach lover.  This pattern includes many of the creatures that make their home beneath the sea in our area.  Dana's patterns are easy to follow.  Skills needed for this pattern are tracing, cutting and ironing.  Of course a little sewing is necessary too.  Click the picture below to get more information about this pattern.

 Trace the pattern onto fusible web and then iron it on to the fabric for each of your pieces.

 Cut the pieces out.  

Iron the detail pieces on.

Using the appliqué pressing sheet placed over the pattern, iron the pieces in place.

Put the background together.

Peel the ironed pieces off the sheet and place them on the background.

Add any remaining pieces to the background.

 Your table runner is ready to be quilted.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

WEEKLY DEAL 7/9-7/15

I am starting a weekly blog advertisement for the WEEKLY DEAL at both of my shops, and  Each week I will offer some kind of deal in each of my shops.  This week's deal is a 20% discount on a fat quarter fabric bundle. A fat quarter measures 18" X 22."   Click on the picture to purchase the fabric.

This Christmas bundle by Riley Blake is great for whimsical Christmas projects.  The fabric is from Riley Blake Designs and it is 100% cotton.   The regular price for this bundle is 13.75 but for this week it is listed at 11.00.

Isn't this bundle adorable perfect for a little boy's quilt?  This Riley Blake fabric is 100% cotton and machine washable.  The cost of this bundle is regularly $11.00 but for 1 week, you can get it for $8.80.