Friday, October 9, 2015

5 Reasons to Start Your Christmas Projects Now

1.  As my niece would say when she was 3, "Hewow"(her word not mine)"Christmas projects take TIME" (my words not hers).
     It's unfortunate that magazines and blog posts with adorable hand-made Christmas projects come out in late November isn't it.  You find just the right apron idea for Aunt Nell or Uncle Henry and you find yourself hunting for the pattern and then the fabric and by the time you finally have everything together, it's December and you decide you'll have to wait until next year.  Of course you forget.

2.  You will feel a gigantic sense of relief when the holiday season rolls around and your hand-made gifts are neatly wrapped and ready for giving.
     How many times have you stayed up way too late on Christmas Eve putting the last button on that adorable dress you made your granddaughter, or hand sewing the binding on that quilt you know your husband will just LOVE?  If you start now, these crazy, sleepless nights will be a thing of the past.

3.  You can set your  holiday table with all of the items you need.
     The holiday meal is an important annual tradition for many families and friends.  You can personalize your holiday table with handmade projects, like centerpieces, table cloths, placemats, whatever.  The day before the meal is a bad time to plan your table.  Do it now.  If you know what you want, you can start collecting and preparing the items now so more of your time and energy can go into sharing a meal and time with the ones you love.

4.  The items you need for your holiday crafts are available.
     There are so many cute items out there for Christmas crafting this time of year but they go quickly.  What if you find the pattern for the perfect apron for Aunt Nell or Uncle Henry but all of the adorable holiday fabric has been snatched up by people who planned ahead.

5.  You can avoid the Christmas rush by getting started early.
   Actually, you won't avoid the Christmas rush because you will always be rushed at Christmas.  But, you can check some items off the list early if you start today.  You are in luck, my shop Christmas Jul on Etsy has lots of fun craft items for you holiday projects.  You'll have to stop by and peruse and get in the mood. It's at, or you can just hit the Christmas Jul tab on this blog.   I also have a Pinterest site dedicated to Christmas.  Click Here Check it out.