Friday, December 26, 2014

Julebukking 2014

Here are some pictures of Julebukking in Petersburg on Christmas Eve, 2014.  If you are interested in learning a little bit about the Julebukking tradition, CLICK HERE.  This year,  I wandered through town on December 24th and took pictures of people enjoying good food and great company.  Different businesses and non-profits welcome people for several days before Christmas.  The Julebukking schedule is published in the Petersburg Pilot and on  Good information for next year.  

First Bank

Skate of Gear

Sing Lee Alley Books

Hammer and Wikan
Recipe for Moose Milk-place ice cream and White Christmas in a 5 gallon jug.  Smash up the big hunks with a potato masher.  Place tub in the paint mixer. Serve;-)

Petersburg Rexall Drug Store
Rexall has been serving hot pastrami sandwiches every Christmas Eve for more than 40 years.

(for Sally and Paige)

 Homeport Electronics
Martha Smith's Baked Goods
Costal Cold Storage

The Trading Union

Have a Very Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Makes me miss home SO much!! Thankfully we have landed in a very friendly little nook between Sequim and Port Angeles referred to as "Agnew". Full of friendly people. Already went to a Christmas party, a "Welcome to the Neighborhood Party", 2 dinners, and quite a few homemade gifts and goodies. Not quite yulebukking - maybe I can start a Christmas Eve tradition?? Thank you for all the beautiful pictures, Kathi!!