Sunday, January 11, 2015

Moss Landing, California

Moss Landing, California is a little town on the North end of Monterey Bay.  There are about 200 people living here.  Moss Landing is the home of two research institutes.  One is the Marine Research Lab for all of the California State Universities.  The other is the research institute for the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  If you look to the West, you see fishing boats and large buildings that house scientists.  

If you look to the East, you see miles and miles of fields, some green, some brown.  This fruit stand had an interesting name.  The little bags that contained the food were labeled 'Farm Fresh Produce' though;)  Moss Landing is located just down the street from Castorville, which claims to be the artichoke center of the world.  Can you believe the prices on these fruits and veggies!!

 If only these little guys lived on artichokes.
 We paid 15.00 for this food.  The fig bars were 6.00.  The fruits and veggies are pretty affordable.
We stayed in a KOA Express RV Park.  There were only about 30 sites and none of the bells and whistles of a full service KOA but it was clean, quiet and safe.  
The two stacks are located at the Moss Landing Power Plant, a natural gas powered electricity plant. 
The town of Moss Landing a street that's about 2 blocks long, with antique shops on either side and 1 restaurant.  There is also a US Post Office in the middle of town.

 Most of the antique shops are closed are no longer in business.

Moss Landing is a great place to stay if you want to explore Monterey Bay and the surrounding area. 

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  1. The photos in your posts are always beautiful but I especially love this one. Thanks for sharingn.