Thursday, December 18, 2014

Four Seasons Quilt Project

My mom belongs to a fiber art group in Anacortes, Washington.  She enjoys participating in the fiber art challenges the group puts together each year.  Last year, the challenge participants were to create something representing the 4 seasons.  Each piece had to have certain dimensions.

My mom, being the wife, mother and grandmother of fishermen decided that her art would depict Petersburg's seasons.  If you live here, you know that the seasons are vaguely defined by the change in weather.  In Petersburg, the fishery identifies the season.  In the spring, or halibut season, the halibut fishermen are chopping bait and baiting hooks.  Summer, or salmon season, is when the nets bring in the silver dollar salmon.  Fall, or black cod season, is the time to longline for sablefish.  Frosty winter, or crab season, is the time to gather pots filled with the tasty crustaceans.  

These pieces are made using hand dyed fabric.  My mom dyed her own fabric using different colors and techniques to fit the piece she was making.  Her needlework and embellishments add character to each piece.  

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  1. Wonderful sea quilt for the seasons! They are so artistic. Wish I were an artist. I am not, so I do my artwork with fabric.

  2. What a unique way to depict the seasons! Beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous!!!!! I love the dyed fabrics and colors. So creative. It is stunning!!!!!
    Happy Xmas and New Year.

  4. Hi ! i came over from Freemotion by the River to see these art pieces. Your Mom did a great job! Love the fish!