Thursday, December 4, 2014

Embellishments by Berthiel

This weekend PFI will host a Christmas Bazar in their cookhouse.  Lori White started this bazar a few years ago.  In the first couple of years, a vendor could wait until the last minute to sign up for a table.  Now, you have to put your name in months in advance if you want a table at this bazar.  This year, my mom, Berthiel Evens is going to have her line of Embellishments Jewelry at the bazar.  I've posted pictures of just a few of the lovely items you will see at her table.  

These 'blueberry' earrings are made with sterling silver ear wires, lapis and PMC silver.  PMC silver is a moldable silver product that is 99.9% pure.  It was used to make the leaves.
A sterling silver chain, garnets and fresh water pearls were used to make this lovely set.

Sterling silver wires, crystals and fresh water pearls were used to make these earrings.
These earrings combine garnets and fresh water pearls.
Crystals and silver baby clam shells, made from PMC. 
 A sterling sliver chain, with a salmonberry leaf made from PMC.
 This necklace is a fun combination of PMC silver creations and freshwater pearls.

In addition to jewelry, this year my mom has created some stunning pictures using fabric, copper and embellishments.  This raven art measures 8" X 10"
The combination of fabric, copper and natural items make these a perfect one-of-a-kind gift for someone special. 

The great blue heron measures 8" X 10"
There is a mesh cover over the background fabric which gives this picture the look of a foggy, rainy day. 
 Aren't these chick-a-dees adorable!  This also measures 8" X 10"
These busy ravens measure 8" X 10"

This halibut picture measures 5" X 7"
My mother creates beautiful artwork using a variety of media.  Her inspiration comes from the  the natural environment.  If you stop by her table at the Christmas bazar, you will find just the right gift for that special person on your list. 

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