Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve in Petersburg

The Julebukking tradition continued on Christmas Eve.

Dave and Nancy Berg served up a wonderful spread at Viking Travel.  Thank you Dave and Nancy for the great food and really for all you do for our little town.

I bet Grant was wishing Nancy a Happy Birthday.

Kathleen and Ann visited with people while they enjoyed their delicious treats

Fini also had a nice visit with people who stopped in.

Next door, at First Bank, Ro served punch.  Thank you Ro and crew at First Bank for the great food and cheerful service......

to all who stopped in to feast and drink.  The line stretched out onto the sidewalk.  Alex looked pretty serious about his choice of goodies;)

Jenny and her boys Brian and Kyle were out celebrating too.  I think the boys were glad to have mom home for the holiday.   What a good looking family!

Kraig and his daughter Riley were in town to have Christmas with the family.

I was able to get a picture of Ray too.

Kelly's home for Christmas.  Kelly, Gail and Dick were all having a nice time visiting and tasting yummy treats.

Right next door, at Wells Fargo, another line.  This is where I found some members of my family,  Helen, Joey and Audrey.

And here was the table with treats from the sea like prawns and smoked salmon.  I wonder if any other Wells Fargo bank in the giant chain, serves up a smorgasbord like this once a year.  Thank you Well's Fargo for providing this beautiful spread.

Ahhh... and the punch.  I bet Rhea was serving the adult punch.

Gilda, Melva, Jessielea and her sons, Lita and friends shared stories and enjoyed each other's the bank.  

Alana, Jeff and Scott enjoyed the prawns and yarns.... yum

I ran into three of my favorite people, Tamara, and her kids my niece Mary and nephew Dave.  I wonder if they were shopping for me;)

Across the street at Hammer and Wikan, I was greeted at the door by Androg, God of Grog and his mini-me.... Drew.  They had just enjoyed the goodies in the back.

Andrea (Wikan), the great granddaughter of one of the founders Hammer and Wikan Grocery and Hardware stores, made sure the table was stocked with good food.  Young folks, just home from their travels,  caught up in the power tool department.

Lee and Brad mixed up the punch.

Wendy (Hammer) the granddaughter of the other founder of the store, with her husband Bruce and daughter Crystal mixed up the moose milk.

And here again, A LINE!! for the smorgasbord.

Terry and Sandy enjoyed the treats served at Hammer and Wikan.

Kurt, Rick and Janet ran into each other at Hammer and Wikan.  I'm not sure how these guys get along on the fishing grounds but during Julebukking, everyone is a friend.  Thank you Hammer and Wikan for the delicious food and the really delicious Moose Milk.

The tradition continues..... hot pastrami sandwiches at Rexall Drug.  I believe Cate's dad Max, started this tradition more than 35 years ago when he was the owner and pharmacist of our town's only drug store.  When Cate and Erika took over the pharmacy several years ago, they continued to serve hot pastrami sandwiches on Christmas Eve.  In this picture, Eva, Cate, Maria and Chris and were almost ready to start serving.  Thank you for carrying on this lovely tradition Cate and Erica.

People still need their medication, so while the party went on in the back room, Erica and Wanda continue to fill prescriptions.

This is for you Nevette...look who I found in the line at Rexall.  Dianne, Lyle and Paul wait patiently for lunch.

Next door, Devren was serving up spiced cider and delicious chili.  Devren is available to fix whatever computer problem ails you.   Thank you Devren for opening your doors to Petersburg on Christmas Eve.

Costal Cold Storage always has tasty treats served by Wendy and Katy.  Thank you ladies for the wonderful seafood snacks.

Anna was there too!! It was great to see Anna and her daughter Ariana from Sitka.  I believe they had a wonderful time julebukking with Marsha and mom, Jeanette.

At the end of the street, Trading Union Inc. was serving vegies, fudge and goodies.  For the umteeth year in a row, Ken mixed up a Tom and Jerry for Doug.  Ken said T.U. has been offering Julebukking treats since the '20's.

Beth and Carol shared a friendly smile and a story or two with visitors.  Thank you for the treats Ken, Beth, Carol and Crew.

Theresa had a lovely little spread at Diamante's Gift shop.

The store window was very fun to look at.  Children especially admired the little characters sliding down the hill and ice skating on the pond, and the train running on the track.  Thank you Theresa for the lovely window display and the yummy treats.

This post is, and my last post was dedicated to Julebukking in Petersburg.  I regret not being able to make it to every single place and snap photos of your gift to Petersburg.  These inlcude The Bookstore, Petro Marine, The Harbor Bar and the places I mentioned in the last post.  You are first on my list for next year.  Thank you all so much for providing food and drink and a place to meet.  Young people, just home from college or travels meet and share stories; people who have family in town are able to introduce them to the entire community; people who have been gone for years can come home and feel like they never left.  The spirit of Christmas lives here in Petersburg, Alaska.  Our businesses and organizations keep it alive through their generous offerings during Julebukking.

These posts are especially for those friends of mine that can't be here for the holiday.  I hope they bring you joy.  Merry Christmas!!


  1. Great blog, Kathi! Thank you for sharing!! :) Merry Christmas!

  2. This really makes me wish we were there for the holidays! We hope to bring the family back next Christmas. Thank you for the post and photos!

  3. Lilly and I miss Petersburg and everyone especially during the holidays. Life is great but no place celebrates quite like Petersburg

  4. I was working during Julebukking....but enjoyed a specially delivered pastrami sandwich from Psg Rexall....Lovely post, Kathi!

  5. This really was really a treat! Thank you.

  6. I use to live in Petersburg, loved the Julebukking and the people. Would love to visit again. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Wow, Kathi -- you captured wonderful images of "half" the town in documenting this Christmas.

  8. I'm so happy you enjoyed looking at the pictures... there are more on the page before this one too.... 'What is Julebukking?' It is such a wonderful time of year!