Monday, December 9, 2013

PFI Christmas Bazar

Petersburg has lots of talented artists and crafters. The PFI Bazar offered artists the opportunity to share their art with shoppers during the Christmas season.

Lori organized the PFI Bazar, which she does for us every year.
Thank you Lori!!

Tammy shared her art.  

Debi brought her detailed glass art.

Rita  sold her fun pot holders

Cadice sold her cozy crochet and fleece items.

  Jean brought her photos and interesting glass garden ornaments.

Mike had really nice walking sticks and fun little candy sleighs.

 Christy sold her lovely knitted items.

Maryann sold all kinds of things, wreaths, baby bibs, burp cloths, scarves 
and many, many more fun items.

Ann brings her lovely lace and practical scrubbers every year.

 Tekla sold her sparkly jewelry and Jackie sold jewelry items that young girls love.

 Karil  brought her lacy knitted scarves and also sold Sue's items too, because Sue wasn't in town.

 The Mitten Lady, Deb  makes cozy mittens out of old sweaters.

 These wreaths were lovely.  It looks like it was cold near the door though.

Jackie brought her handmade goodies.

Marina  took care of the hungry people.

 Check out Jessielea's elf ears. 
Her yummy food had the place smelling really good all day.

This booth had very different,  fun craft items.  There were brightly colored Christmas wreaths,  and wooden signs and Christmas decorations and many other things.

 Linda brought jelly and not just any jelly, nagoon berry jelly.  

 Belinda and daughters Melanie and Emma sold delicious goodies.

Rachel and Marci sold beautiful jewelry made by Marci.  

 Kris and her granddaugter sold all kinds of interesting things.

My mom, Berthiel sold her silver jewelry, scarves and velvet jewelry bags. 
I sold aprons and quilted items.

 Holly, Andrea,  Maia and Sapphire sold lots of fun things, like organic body products, wool holly pins, and driftwood signs along with other fun things.

Christy sold cozy items made from sea otter fur.

 Alice sold her colorful art work.

 Kris sold her delicious smelling candles.

 Rita sold her crocheted items and Christmas ornaments

 Erika sold NYR Organic products.

 Shirley and Ashley sold tasty sweet treats.

These are just a few of the vendors who shared their wares with the community last Saturday.  There are so many talented people in Petersburg! 

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