Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Daughter of Petersburg

My lifelong friend Anne Lee, has a great shop in Petersburg called 'The Star'  where you can find the most interesting and unique items.  She dropped by the other night with a copy of a 1993 issue of Alaska Geographic from her store.  She had found an article by our dear friend Marilee Enge and brought it to share with me. This article sure fits the season...the Christmas season.  Marilee's story is our story.  Anyone who has ever lived in Petersburg, Alaska will find something in this piece that will bring them back home.  

Marilee currently works and lives in Berkley, California with her husband George and her girls, Marit and Lily.  She returns to Petersburg every year to be close to her family and friends and to share a little piece of Southeast Alaska with her girls.

(If this article is hard to read, you might try zooming in on your computer.)  

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