Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Finish It Up

Binding the raw edges of your finished piece is the final stage, where the active process of machine sewing the binding to the quilt followed by the passive and reflective process of hand sewing bring closure to your work.

First you must choose the fabric you will use for your binding.  
 It is likely you will need more than one strip so cut enough 2-1/2" strips, that when sewn together, will make a strip long enough to go completely around your quilt.

You will need to sew these strips together.  It is best to sew them on the diagonal 
so they don't cause lumps in the side of your piece.  

This is a little review of how to sew your 2-1/2" strips together on the diagonal.  I've explained this process in 'Just a Pile of Scraps' too. 

 Chain Piece your strips

Cut the excess from your seam allowance.

Press the seam to one side.

Fold the binding strip in half, wrong sides together, and press.  You will have a long 1-1/4" strip.

 Trim your quilt sandwich so the edges are straight.

Match the raw edges of the folded 1-1/4" strip to the raw edge of the quilt top. 
Leave about 3-4" of the strip loose. 

 Using a 1/4" seam sew the binding strip to the quilt top. I use my walking foot for this step.

Stop when you get 1/4" from the end of the quilt top, at the corner.  
Backstitch to secure the seam.  Cut the thread.

Turn your quilt around as shown in the picture below.  
Fold the binding so you have a 45 degree angle as shown below.

Fold the binding down and match the raw edges again as shown below.  

Using a back stitch to secure the seam, begin at the top of the quilt/binding 
and sew to 1/4" before the next corner. Follow the same procedure to turn each corner.

Continue sewing the binding around your quilt sandwich until you are close to where you began, leaving about 5".

Unfold one of your strips so it is the full 2-1/2" width.  
Use your ruler to cut a 45 degree angle on this strip.

 Fold a 1/4" seam and press it.  I fold twice to finish the raw edge better.

 Fold your strip back in half.

Place the strip with the unfinished edge inside the fold of the strip with the finished edge.  

Match the raw edges of the strips to the raw edge of the quilt sandwich.

 It is likely some of the strip that is inside the strip with the finished edge will stick out when the folded edge of the strips are straight and even.  If this is the case, trim it off.

 Secure these strips to the quilt top with a pin so they stay together when you sew the binding on.

 Sew, pulling the pin out before you run over it, being sure to back stitch at each end of your seam.

 Press the binding away from your quilt top.

 Turn your work over and press the binding so it covers the seam on the back side.

 Press your binding all the way to the end of the corner so you can make a crisp corner

 Fold he binding at the corner so you have a 45 degree angle at the back of the piece.

Pressing is nice because you don't need to pin before you hand sew.  

Hand sew the binding at the back using a blind stitch.

Sit back and admire and enjoy your lovely finished project.  

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  1. Can you provide the pattern for this runner, it is so cute!

  2. These were blocks left over from a quit I made. I believe the pattern is called 'Pathways.' Here is a link to the pattern.