Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!   My last post was more than a week ago, because we are on the road.  I plan to continue posting to my blog, but the posts will probably be sporadic for the next two months because I will only be able to post when staying in a place, or near a coffee shop or library with WiFi. 

I truly LOVE my little town but I have found a real appreciation of anything comes from being away from it for a while.  Doug and I have decided that to find happiness in our cozy little cocoon, we must become butterflies for a short time each year.  This is our butterfly time of year.  For the sixth year, we are escaping the cold, darkness of Southeast Alaska.  We hope to find many wonderful things in our travels and I hope to write about some of them on this blog.

Every journey from our home has to begin in one of two ways, either on a plane, or on a boat.  We travel via Alaska Marine Highway every year because we take our truck with us and it’s the only way taking the truck with us is possible.  So, we have a couple of options, we can go to Bellingham and be very near our destination or we can go to Prince Rupert Canada and be about 1000 miles from our destination.  In the past 5 years, we’ve done it both ways.  This year we rode the ferry from Petersburg to Prince Rupert and we will return via Bellingham.  We are mixing it up a bit. 

Staples for any making equipment!

It's easy to go to Prince Rupert.  No cooler necessary, just snacks and a change of cloths.

I had forgotten how tedious the drive from Prince Rupert to Anacortes was.  We began our drive at 3:00AM (2:00AM Alaska time)  when the ferry arrived.  We pushed through the small communities that dot the long ribbon of road between Prince Rupert and Cache Creek, BC.  The good thing was, no snow on the highway.  Other than a moose at about 4:30 AM, the highways were very clear.  The ride is really a blur as we were both sleep deprived and in a hurry to get to our destination.  Actually, in a hurry to get through Prince George before the storm hit. 

Cache Creek...just pulling out of Sandman Inn. BRRRR... It was actually the warmest it's ever been when we've been here, but it was still cold.

The hallway at the Sandman Inn in Cache Creek had lots of pictures of famous people like Jennifer Lopez and Sean Penn.  I asked the manager if they had stayed there.  She said all but Jennifer Lopez.  She said they make movies there.  She said, “Cause I guess it looks like Afghanistan.”

We didn't see any deer but we scared a moose off of the middle of the road early in our drive.

Afghanistan or Cache Creek, BC;)

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