Saturday, January 18, 2014


This was our first visit to Legoland.  We are in Carlsbad, California because Doug is going to run the Carlsbad Marathon tomorrow.  Nick, Hayley and Jill were stopping though to visit Legoland while we were here for the marathon, so we all went to Legoland together.

I think that Legoland is the perfect place for young children.  The rides are fun but not scary.  The lines are usually fairly short.  Every section of the park has a place where kids can just play.  There is a lego park that has legos with wheels, and a track so kids can make cars and let them run down the track.  There is a sand pit where kids can dig for dinosaur bones.  There are little lego stations scattered around the park for free lego play.  There is also a two story climbing gym.  The rides are certainly fun but they are just part of the overall experience at Lego Land.  There is also a water park that is open in the summer.

We were at Legoland on the Saturday just before the Martin Luther King Holiday.  In addition there were lots of kids wearing 'Legoland 1 Mile Run' T-Shirts and medals so there must have been a promotional thing going on for the Marathon tomorrow.  Even with all of this, the park was not so overcrowded that it was not fun.  The lines for the rides were much longer in the afternoon, so Jill spent more time in the play areas after lunch.  I imagine that the park might not be as busy on Thursday's or Friday's during the week.  If you go on the weekend, it's probably a good idea to do the rides in the morning and play in the afternoon.

Hayley and Jillian flew a helicopter.

Jill went for a drive, all by herself and got a drivers license at the end of the ride.

This was a photo op with a shark made out of legos.

Captain Jill and 1st Mate Nick.

Nick and Doug had a little rest in the sun while Jill played in one of the many playgrounds at Legoland.  Legoland is a great place for young children because there are lots of places for play with legos or in playgrounds.  The rides are fun but standing in line is not always fun for little ones.  The play areas are a nice change of pace throughout the day.

Of course Grandpa Doug had to go on an airplane ride with Jill.  She sees other kids putting their hands in the air so her hands go up too.

I think this was Jill's favorite thing to do at Legoland.  She went down the slide several times.

Grandpa and Jill's last ride of the day was though the lego jungle.


  1. What fun!! Looks absolutely wonderful!!

    1. I bet Azure will love to go here with grandma;)