Thursday, January 9, 2014

Road Trip

This past week has been filled with family and fun.  After a very long drive through Canada, 1000 miles in a day and a half, we crossed the border into the U.S. at Sumas.  We drove from Sumas to Birch Bay where we had a very nice visit with Uncle Carl, Aunt Bobbie, Augusta and Vinnie. It was fun to see pictures of Carl and to see lovely Quincy's engagement photos.  Augusta makes lovely Sami Jewelry.  Click Here to see her website.

We made our way to Anacortes and were there just after dark.  It was January 1st and American Heritage Storage wasn't open so we couldn't get our trailer.  We stayed in my mom and dad's condo for the night.  We like to run on the park trail when we are in town so we did that in the morning before going to pick up the trailer.  At the end of our travels last year, we decided to trade in our trailer and buy a model with a pop out.  We have owned this baby for a full year but haven't had a chance to travel in it.  I was pretty excited to move in and try it out.

(This picture is taken in California but it's the best I have of our little winter home)

 This photo is taken from the dining room...the pop out.  It's nice to have room to turn around without bumping into each other or the dog.  This trailer is only 1 foot longer than our last one but the pop out makes it feel like a mansion.

We always park our trailer at Fidalgo Bay for a night on each end of our trip.  The park is very close to where we store our trailer.  I highly recommend this park as the people are very friendly and the park is excellent.  There is also a trail for walking or running.  It's called the Tommy Thompson Trail.

After having our truck checked at the Toyota dealership, we were finally off.  The first stop...Family!
We arrived in Portland Friday afternoon and parked in Jendy's driveway in Vancouver.  We all drove to Amy and Ben's in Portland.  We all enjoyed a fabulous dinner of ribs made by Amy.

Ai, Tesla and Peter in Amy's Kitchen


The next day, we wanted to spend some time with the kiddos.  The kids suggested lunch and the climbing wall, so.... where to eat lunch.  We walked over to Minnesota Street and found the perfect spot.


Tess had a slumber party to go to so she didn't join us for the wall climbing activity, but Jendy did.  You have to have a belay card to belay so Jendy was available to do that if they boys needed her.  Here there are checking out the auto-belay directions.

First up...AI.  He climbed to the top and belayed with Peter holding the rope.

Next up...Peter, with the auto belay.

AHHHH.... the end of two busy days.  After a busy weekend, the kids relaxed at Jendy, Paul and Peter's house while waiting for dinner.  Jendy made mole chicken Sunday night.  It was delicious.  Monday morning the kids and Amy went back to school after the Christmas break.  Everyone else went back to work as well and we wandered South...looking for sun and more fun.

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  1. Wow, Kathi - what fun!!! Sound like you had a great time with the kids!! Don't think I am going to make Arizona this year, but hope you guys will still stop by to see us! We look forward to seeing you during your winter travels!! Love the blog!! Hugs to you, Doug and Cessna! Shari