Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July in Petersburg

We don't let the rain dampen our festive spirit. This year's 4th of July started, as always with the Victor Guthrie Memorial Walk/Run.  This year it is a color run.  This event goes right past my house so I poured myself a cup of coffee, grabbed my camera and an umbrella and went out to watch the race.  

The police car is followed by the first place runner.
 This young man was close behind.
 After Sarah ran by, I realized who she was...Hola Sarah!!  She is a long way from her home in Iowa.  Sarah was the first woman to pass my house.
 Tom and Soren Thompson are happy about something. 
 Doug's brother Ben is visiting from Portland.  He enjoyed a running start to the festivities.
 Julie doesn't even look winded... just another morning run.
 Kokanee set the pace for Margaret, or visa versa...not sure.
 The Sunday running crew, Sharon, Linda, Marlene and Bridget.
 Woohoo Barb!!!
 The future's so bright, gotta wear shades.  Actually, they keep the paint out of the eyes.
Sue and Jeff warm up for the day's events.
 The next event is the parade.  People who are in floats gather at the top of the PFI hill for organizing and judging.  This group of mermaids and fisherkids are part of the Library float.
People love to show spirit for Freedom in our grand country.  Many who ran by my house, are also in the parade.  MerBarb is one.
Sue, the mermaid drill sergeant, gets her school in order.

 Pastor Mike puts finishing touches on the Lutheran VBS float.
 Gabe will drive the float.
 Here come judges Heidi and Nancy.
 Petersburg Little League Allstars!

 Leader of the Pack....vroom, vroom....

 The fire trucks line up on the hill.
 The crowd waits patiently for the parade to begin.  
Three generations..grandma Sarah, dad Joe and baby Audrey;)
 Doug's brother Casey and Angela, visiting from their home in Hawaii, wait in the rain. It doesn't seem to bother them though.  
 On with the show.  Doug Welde starts the parade with the oldest fire engine in the fleet.
 Grand Marshalls Al and Sally Dwyer ride with him.
 Close behind in another fire truck are Gerald Lind and Tom Lewis, WWII Vets.
 The youngest volunteer.
 We are proud of our volunteer firefighters.  They have kept our town safe for over 100 years.
 Join the Clausen Museum!

 Our Allstars!

 Petersburg Ragnarok Rollers!!

 Leader of the pack.....vroom, vroom...
 Jeff rolled backwards all the way through town.
 Petersburg Lutheran Church...also keeping us safe for more than 100 years.

 The Library...freedom to read!
Our niece and nephew from Portland got to join the parade fun.  Small towns are great for kids.
The kids fished for mermaids with books.

 Barb, Grandma Sally and Aunt Ginger
 Woodsy the Owl enjoying what the Tongass has to offer, kayaking, camping and fun.
 Smokey The Bear is underworked in our rainforest.  I think that makes him happy.
The Grand Prize winners of the parade.
 There are always lots and lots of food stands around town on the 4th.  It's hard to choose just one at lunch time.  This year we picked the Hawaiian, Asian Lunch Box.  There are two reasons, first, we LOVE pork that has been cooked Kailua style(under ground) and second, the ladies had me make their aprons.  The food was delicious and they ladies looked lovely.

 After lunch, it was race time.  These little people are going to run the 50 yard dash.  That's a long way for little legs.  There were 6 heats of the 6 and under runners.  Grandpa and dad give Jill pointers for the race.  
 Don't these kids look like hard-core competitors!

A little rain doesn't dampen spirits here.

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