Sunday, July 13, 2014

Flowering Trees

Sunny early Summer weather was the reason we had the most vibrant display of flowering trees this year.  I've posted a collection of trees, wild and tame, for your viewing pleasure.
The Mountain Ash
The musky smell of these little blossoms are a sign that summer is here.
And look what I saw standing under the tree.
The Crab Apple

I found this behind an old abandoned building.  A lovely Cherry Tree.

A sweet smelling Lilac Bush

 The Flowering Hawthorn Tree
The Golden Chain


  1. Gorgeous!! I forgot we had all these in Petersburg (not the lilacs)! You did a great job photographing them! Thank you!!

  2. The golden chain are relatively new. One or two people got them and people saw how pretty they were, pretty soon half the homes in town had one in their yard. They are SO pretty. Thank you for stopping by Shari.

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos. I enjoyed them all especially the one with the mountains in the back.