Friday, February 1, 2019


Cocopah is the name of the Indian Tribe that has lived along the Colorado River for centuries.  The reservation is located about 13 miles south of Yuma on the river, which is where this golf resort and casino are located.  This year, we stayed in the Cocopah RV Resort, which is close to the Cocopah Casino where the Yuma Territorial Marathon and Half Marathon is held.  

This park has an 18 hole golf course

 an olympic sized pool 

and a 2.5 acre dog park.

Doug had a wild hair and wanted to paddle the river.  He looked at his map app and found a place he thought he could put in and make it back to the rv park.  I dropped Doug off at the boat ramp in the West Wetlands Park and he paddled down the Colorado River to our RV Park.  It took about 45 minutes going with the current.

Yuma is a hotbed for broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce.  Everywhere you go there are fields in different stages of growth from newly planted to just harvested.  These fields surround the RV Park.

This is a shot of conveyer belts ready to process the vegetables.  Harvesting is hard work.  The people bend down and pick the vegetables and stand up and throw them on to the conveyer belt to be checked and boxed.  These workers don't need an aerobics class. They start very early in the morning.  

The Yuma Territorial Marathon and Half Marathon started at 7:00am and 7:20am respectively.  The start was at the Cocopah Casino Complex.  It is always fun to be part of a marathon event.  The atmosphere is palpable with nervous energy.  This race had about 50 people running the marathon and about 250 running the half. 

The winners bouquets

Miss Broccoli, the mascot.  The finishers food table had standard fare, bananas, rolls, nut bars and it also had broccoli and Ranch Dressing.

The finish!

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