Sunday, February 3, 2019

Best Friends and Algadonis

Some friendships last forever, through ups and downs, agreements and disagreements, time together and time apart.  My friendship with Shari is such a thing.  We began our friendship in 1975 in high school.  Oh the experiences we had in those years!  After college and beginning our families, we reconnected in the 1980's and our children played together.  Time and distance separated us in the 90's and 2000's but since we've retired, we have been able to visit with each other more regularly.  Shari and Casey, her husband, have visited us in Petersburg and we have been able to visit with them during our travels.  In the beginning we visited their homes in Martinez and Stockton California and more recently in Agnew, Washington.  They recently bought a park model next to their parents in the Pioneer RV park in Wellton, Arizona, just outside of Yuma.  We spent time with them during our visit to Arizona in the past two years.  Relationships with friends never change but they do change with friends' parents.  Pat and Charlie have gone from being parents to good friends.  

R-L Pat and Charlie Roesel, Shari and Casey Bley, Sally Roesel then me and Doug

Chuck was cut out of the picture, but he is also a very close friend of mine and of Doug's.   He was Doug's best man when we were married 31 years ago.   Chuck and Sally live in Sitka, AK so we get to see them more often.  They happened to have a family vacation scheduled in Wellton, while we were in the area, so we tagged along.

We had some incredible visits, walks, and dinners while we visited.  We also went to Algadones, Mexico.  Doug and I have never been to this border town, but Shari and her family go often to get dental work done.  During this visit, Pat and Charlie ordered new glasses.  We visited the pharmacy and many outdoor shops.

You need your passport, but not to go to Algadones, only to get back in the US.  The line to get back into the US is long.  We stood in line for 1 hour and 45 minutes but our companions have stood in much longer lines through the years.

Algadones is not a large city with only one long main street.  If you need to get your eyes, ears or teeth fixed, this is the place for you.  You can purchase these services for about half of what you would pay in the US.  You can also purchase medications in the Pharmacies for a fraction of the price you pay in the US.  Chuck is an MD and still purchases his meds here because his insurance won't pay for one of them and the copay for the others is higher than purchasing them in Algadones. You will not find narcotics in the pharmacies. 

Here is a sign we won't see in our country.

This visit was a highlight of our trip.  It's fun to go to a place with someone who really knows their way around.  Our visit with the Roesel/Bley family is always a highlight of our trip.


  1. so interesting about the border town - I didn't know that people would go to get dental work etc - I thought it wasn't always regulated as much and therefor not as safe! learn something new every day - I'm sure seeing as your friend is an MD he checked it out.

  2. I thought so too but my friend had caps done and they’re beautiful. The dentists go to school in America.

  3. Your visit and having Chuck and Sally here was about as wonderful as having the kids here right after Christmas!! Boy, we had a bunch of fun in high school - great memories!! Thanks for coming by Wellton! Hope to see you and Doug this summer!! Hugs and love, Shari

  4. LOL we too went to Algadonas!! Early Feb. Yuma for 3+ weeks, Phoenix, Tuscon, Tombstone also.