Sunday, November 30, 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

This year we had two events on Friday November 28th, the Christmas Tree Lighting and the Devil' Thumb Brewfest and Chili Cook Off, which is sponsored by the Ski Club.
  Each event deserves it's own post, but the events complimented each other so well, I had to post them together.  It was COLD outside this year.  My truck temperature gauge read 19 F.  Last year it was cool and rainy and the year before that it was snowy.  No matter the weather, the Sons of Norway provides a warm drink for everyone.  The high school band plays Christmas music and lots and lots of families participate in the candle parade.  I was able to snap some great photos of the happy participants.  

The Tree Lighting

Our tree gets more and more beautiful every year, thanks to Matt Bryner and the support of local businesses and families.  Thank you all!!

Devil' Thumb Brewfest and Chili Cook Off, which is sponsored by the Ski Club.
After the tree was lit, we wandered down to the Sons Of Norway for a little stew(Chili) and brew, and to warm our frozen toes.  There were lots and lots of yummy treats to sample and good drinks too.  It was hard to figure out where to put my 8 beans because everything I tasted was just too good.  (Maybe next year I will bring my own beans so I can give one to everybody;-).  Everyone who shared their food and drink deserved a first place ribbon!
The Stew
The Brew
The Crew

Thank you for letting me take your picture.  If I took your picture and it isn't here, it's because it didn't turn out or wan't complimentary.  


  1. So many familiar faces...Love all the people photos! Looked like a beautiful crisp evening. Thanks, Kathi!

  2. Really wonderful! Looks like a fun 'progressive' gathering from place to place. I hope to see the Julebukking photos on your blog again this year.