Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Going Home

The best laid plans....The reason we had driven to Fort Bragg was because we had planned to drive highway 1 and then up the Oregon Coast and then to Portland.  While we were in Fort Bragg it started to rain.  We checked our weather app on our phone and saw the rain was there to stay for awhile, so we decided to head back to I-5 for our drive north.  If I'm going to be wet and cold, I'd rather be in 4 star RV parks close to shopping and sights than in a soggy campground with nowhere to go.  My parents were headed south and were in Yreka so we made plans to meet up with them in Redding. We parked next to each other in the Premier RV Park in Redding.  This park is very, very nice and clean.  The best thing about this park was the sound of the happy frogs at night.  There is a little creek that runs through the park and it must be full of frogs because they sure make a lot of noise. 

My mom and dad took us to the Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay.  The bridge is clear glass so you can see the Sacramento River beneath you as you walk across it.

A rainy day in Redding

When we left Redding, we drove to the 7 Feathers RV Resort in Canyonville, Oregon, which is just off I-5, south of Roseburg.  The 7 Feathers was one of the nicest RV resorts we had stayed in during our travels.  In addition to the warm, welcoming staff, the comfortable clean spaces and amenities, there is a 24 hour free shuttle service to the casino and the little town of Canyonville.  The 7 Feathers casino is located down the hill and across the freeway from the park.  The park sits in a little valley, away from the freeway.  It's very lovely.  If you travel through Oregon in your RV, you want to give this resort a try.  The casino is really nice too and they even have a non-smoking section.  While at the casino we didn't win, but we didn't loose any money either, another plus.

We stayed at the 7 Feathers for one night and then in the morning we were off to Portland.  We were able to enjoy two wonderful days with the Riemer/Curtis' and the Newmans.  On Friday night we attended a play in Portland, "The Monster Builder" with Amy and Ben.  Saturday night we all got together for a yummy dinner at Jendy's. Sunday night we watched the Academy Awards.  

We left Portland and headed north, for the final leg of our travels.  We stopped in Centralia, WA so I could get some more Annie Sloan Chalk Paint at Attic Door Vintiques.   I purchased paint from this shop last year for my kitchen cupboards project.   I don't know what I will paint but I will have the paint when I find something.  

We spent one night in a KOA in Kent.  We picked up a new bed to put in our guest/granddaughter room at Ikea and picked up packaging materials for my Etsy shop at U-Line.  The following day we moved up to Everett and parked next to our friends Shirley and Jere in the Lakeside RV Park.  We had a wonderful dinner with them.  The next day, Doug and I went shopping with Shirley and her sister Floss.  Jere had to have some work done on his RV so he couldn't join us.  We went to Ballard because I had never been to Ballard except to go to the Wharf.  We did a little shopping and had lunch at Chinooks. On our way back to Everett we drove past the Ballard house my dad lived in as a boy.  

Shirley and Floss

The House My Dad Lived In

After visiting Shirley and Jere and doing a little business we drove to Anacortes.  We parked at our staging area, the Fidalgo Bay RV Park.  We always start and finish our journey at this park.  We had another chance to visit with my mom and dad, who had just returned from their trip South. Then we cleaned and prepped our trailer.  Then we drove to Bellingham and got on the ferry.  

We are home.  This blog will help us remember what we did, where we went, and who we saw.  We tend to forget things from year to year, actually day to day, and some things should never be forgotten.

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