Monday, March 31, 2014

Riley Blake Vintage Happy Fabric and Laundry Days Pattern

Who doesn't love retro fabrics?  The colors are so bright and cheerful.  They seem to scream Spring!  I love these fabrics because they remind me of my grandmother.  She was a saver and had lots of old clothing and linen with similar colors and patterns.  I think if you were alive during the Great Depression, you didn't throw anything away.  The colors and patterns in the new Riley Blake, Vintage Happy collection are happy.  The combination of reds, greens, navy's, oranges and yellows really make you feel warm and happy.  

Riley Blake provides this free pattern and I have 7 fabrics from this collection that you can use to make this pattern.   These fabrics are sold individually by the yard in my Etsy shop Run 'n Stitch.  You can also buy half yard and fat quarter bundles.  You will also find white fabric in my shop.   

The bundle includes medium and light pieces with flowers and geometrics.

There are also three pieces with navy blue in them for a spot of dark in your project.

Enjoy this pattern with any of the fabrics in your stash.

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  1. What a lovely collection, and of course, the quilt is beautiful! I will visit your Etsy shop! :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by Joy. Happy Spring!

  2. I love this collection and the pattern. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Thank you for looking at my post Christine!

  4. You have some very desirable fabrics in that bundle.

  5. I love this collection. Thank you Julie.