Friday, February 7, 2014


The Lost Dutchman State Park is in the Superstition Mountains, or what people around here call the Superstitions.  These mountains were sacred to the Apache and the Pima Indians.  Gold was mined out of this area from the Lost Dutchman Mine.  Now the Superstition Wilderness Area is managed by the Tonto National Forest and the Lost Dutchman State Park is managed by the State of Arizona.  We drove up here on a day trip last year and wanted to try out the campground.We were only able to stay here one night because this is a popular park. You need to make reservations in advance of your visit to this park.  Like the McDowell Mountain Regional Park, this park has water and electric hook ups but you have to dump at the central dump station.  

 We went for a little walk around the park soon after we arrived.  This is a tidy and eco friendly little park.  Note the Seahawks colors on the plastic recycle barrel.  I wonder if they're in.

I thought of my friend Paige when I saw this RV and had to take a picture.  I will be meeting Paige in a couple of days at the Tucson Rock and Gem Show.  

These lovely flowers lined all the paths.

 The coyote sun dial.

 Right or left?  That's become our running joke whenever we come to a fork in the road.  When we were at Disney with Jill in January, we were leaving the hotel to go to the pool.  Jill is just like her dad in that she doesn't do anything slow.  So, Jill was running out the door to the pool.  We were running too, trying to keep up.  We came to a fork in the path to the pool and she giggled, "Right or left."  Jill's stunned grandparents said, "Huh."  She said it again as she continued running ahead of us.  We said left and she took the left fork in the path.  To this day, whenever Doug and I are out running or walking or biking or whatever, and we come across a fork in the path, one of us will smile and say, "Right or left."

Doug, Cessna and I in front of the Superstition Mountains.

We didn't unhook since we were only spending the night.   We plugged into the power source and hooked the water up and called it good.  Pull throughs are sure nicer than back in sites.  This was a really nice little site.

 I built the fire...yay.  This was our first real fire of the vacation.  Last year we bought a propane fire pit and we use that instead of building a wood fire.  Wood fires make you feel like you are really out camping.  We sat by this fire and listened to the coyotes.  They have such a chirpy little yip.  We've been told to keep our dog close because coyote packs lure dogs in and then they attack and kill them.  It seems hard to believe because they don't sound vicious.  They sound chirpy and happy.

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