Sunday, February 9, 2014

Picacho Peak State Park

Picacho Peak State Park is a little park just South of Phoenix and 44 miles North of Tucson off of I-10.  If you aren't looking for it you will probably drive right by it.  We enjoy spending a day or two at this park because there are many nice trails, some flat, some in the mountain.  There is only an electric hookup so we make sure we have water in our fresh water tank and room in the gray and black water tanks when we stay at this park.  The bathrooms and shower rooms are really clean and nice and the water pressure is good and the water is soft enough that you can work up a bubbly, lather.  We have ATT and this park is the only place we ever had all of the bars.  We also had more than 60 channels on the TV from the antenna.  There is wifi available at this park too.  I think you have to pay for it.  I'm not sure because I use my iphone as a hotspot to connect to the internet so I didn't explore the internet at the park.  While you can hear it trains and cars, not enough to take away from your enjoyment of this park.  The daily fee for a trailer is only $25.00.  

This saguaro cactus seems to be saying, "Howdy pardner, come on in."  This picture was taken on a trail through a flat area in the park.

This holy rock was also on the trail.

This was a mountain trail.  You can climb Picacho Peak and have a lovely view of the surrounding area.

This was our little camp space.  It was a pull through with a fire pit and table off to the right.

You can see a white RV in the distance.  It is traveling North on I-10.  There is a train track on the other side of the highway.  This photo was taken from our camp site so you can see the highway is sort of close to the campground.

This is a shot of a section of the campground.  You can see that the trailer sites are not on top of each other.  There is space between sites and all the sites aren't full.  I think that many people drive by and don't realize this park is where it is.

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