Thursday, December 27, 2018

Ti Leaf

I have always admired Hawaiian quilts because the designs showcase the beauty of the islands.  Hawaiian quilts are made from one piece of solid colored cloth, folded and cut to create design that represents the flora and fauna of the Islands.  The whole cloth design piece is then sewed to a solid colored background using the needle-turned appliqué method.  The quilt is then finished with echo quilting.  The project is very labor intensive.

This example is from Eleanore Burns' Quilt In A Day Shop.

For centuries the Hawaiian people made bedcovers by pounding the inner bark from local trees into a soft cloth like substance called Kapa Moe, which were then decorated with geometric designs.  When cloth became available, the Hawaiian people developed their own unique style of quilting and these beautiful works of art replaced the traditional bedcovers.

This is an example of Kapa Moe from the Ho'okuleana blog.

We like to visit my husband's brother in Hawaii and each time we visit,  I think about learning the Hawaiian quilting technique.  This year was the year.  I purchased a pillow top kit at the Kapaia Stitchery shop, which included a ready to appliqué pillow top, a needle, thread and a book with instructions and many more patterns.  I am not a fan of appliqué so I hadn't done needle turned in my 40 years of quilting.  I was a little intimidated but the shop owner reassured me that I could do it.

I love the beach and swimming in the ocean so we logged in quite a few beach hours during our trip and my new project kept my hands busy while I lounged in the sun.  This activity didn't get in the way of visiting or listening to a good book on my iPad.  It's good to have hand work to pick up when you find yourself sitting around twiddling your thumbs.  Call me old fashioned but I'd much rather get something done than aimlessly surf the web on my phone.  By the time I am done with this block, I will be a master needle-turner and have a lovely pillow too.

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  1. oh wow!
    I am inspired...
    looking forward to seeing how your project turns out...

    thanks for linking up!

  2. Looks great! I love doing Hawaiian blocks too - they are fun travel projects.

  3. This is going to be beautiful. I started experimenting with the pillow sized pieces. Eventually I had enough to make a queen sized sampler out of all of them. It was a fun project.

  4. Now there's an idea. I have the book and I can work on them from easiest to hardest and put them together to make a quilt. Thank you Jen!

  5. Beautiful block and I love your fabric!

  6. Beautiful work. I've always wanted to make one of these.

  7. You should, it's pretty relaxing. Thank you.

  8. Oh my goodness that is gorgeous. I love the fabrics.