Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Kauai is for Quilters

     If you've never been to Kauai, Hawaii you may want to put it on your bucket list.  My husbands brother lives in Kapaa and we just have to visit him often, smile.  Kauai has lovely beaches, great hiking trails, fun shops, yummy restaurants and yes...sun!  There are also 3 fabric shops on the island and they are close enough to each other that you can visit all three in one day.  Vicky's is in Kapaa, Discount Fabric is in Lihui and my favoite shop, Kapaia Stitchery is also in Lihui.  They are all great to visit and all have their own unique character.

     Generally when I visit Kapaia Stitchery those chairs on the porch have men sitting in them.  One man cheerfully showed me a picture of his wives sewing room which included her amazingly organized fabric hoard stash.  

Sorry about the glare in the window, but it was unavoidable and I had to share a picture of this amazing Hawaiian quilt.  It is all needle turned applique.

     Kapaia Stitchery carries Hawaiian print fabric and Batik. There is also a smattering of fabrics with a beach theme for children from other designers.  They have yardage, kits, strips and bundles and handmade items.  I love the sample quilts hanging from the ceiling.  Last time I was in Kauai, I purchased a book and a fabric roll to make this quilt. 
   This is the only shot I have of my quilt from this pattern and it's already been quilted and sent to a friend in Hawaii.
Kapaia Stitchery carries bags made by Gerry's of Kauai, which I love.  I was using mine at the Road To California Quilt Show last year and met a lady in the restroom who had one too.  We raved about our bags and Kapaia Stitchery.

     These are Kauai's Row by Row patterns. All of these quilt patterns are available in kits.  Check out the link to Kapaia Stitcheries Facebook Page for information HERE about kits and fabrics.


  1. I have often thought to make a small Hawaiian quilt but never have - they are really pretty.

  2. What interesting quilt shops. It would be wonderful to make that trip in the winter like this. We visited Hawaii a couple of times in the past when our niece was living there, and then to Maui once when my husband was speaking at a conference. But the niece is now in Omaha and that isn't near as much fun! Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  3. Thanks for sharing this quilt shop! A friend of mine raves about the Discount Fabric store. I need to check it out the next time I'm there!