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Rosemaling is the term used for the style of decorative painting done in Norway.  It emerged in about 1750 in the lowlands of Norway.  It was the Norwegian interpretation of Baroque and Rococo style painting.  Different styles were developed in different regions of Norway.  Many of these styles are represented in the works of art that decorate the businesses and homes in Petersburg.  The local rosemaling group, the Muskeg Maliers, are the artists responsible for these lovely pieces of rosemaling.

 First Bank has Hallingdal style Rosemaling.  This style is characterized by the symmetrical scrolls and acanthus leaves wrapped around a central flower.

The Harbor Bar's door also uses this style.

The Telemark style is characterized by asymmetrical scrolls, leaves and flowers branching from a root center. Samples of the Telemark style can be found on the Icicle Seafoods bunk houses.  

The sign for Liz Peterson's Salon.

The No Smoking signs at the Scandia House Hotel

The parking sign at the local hardware store, Hammer and Wikan.

Lee's Clothing

The Enge building on Sing Lee Alley

Flowers are central in the Rogaland style. Symetrical  tulips, roses and other 4 and 6 petal flowers with teardrops, dots and crosshatching are present in this design.

Samples of this style can be found on the Lille Hammer and Wikan Convenience Store.

Meile Gallery

Petersburg Rexall Drug Store

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  1. gorgeous! I want to learn how to paint and embroider like this but it looks a bit difficult.