About Me

Welcome to Run'n Stitch. 

I live in Petersburg, a town in Southeast Alaska in the middle of the Tongass National Forest.  I live in the most glorious place on earth along with about 3000 other people.  We live on an island and depend on Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Marine Highway to get to other places in the world.  While the isolation seems daunting, it allows us to leave the doors to our homes and cars unlocked and our children can roam freely around the town without fear.  We also have the vast wilderness right next door, where we work and play.  

Oh, and did I tell you we are Alaska's Little Norway.  Our town was settled by Norwegian cannery workers and fishermen in 1908.  You can learn more about that HERE.

I am a retired elementary school principal and now I spend some of my days substitute teaching in our local school.  Just let those kids try to sink this sub.   Of course my first love is my family.  I am married to a pretty wonderful man who owns Nordic Air, an air charter business.  My parents live right next door and so do my brother and his wife.  My other two brothers and their wives live right down the street.  All of my brothers are commercial fishermen as was my father and grandfather.  My three children also live in Petersburg with their partners and their two little girls.  That's right, I have 6 little granddaughters right here so my home is always filled with joyful love.  

From left to right: Helmi, Audrey, Doug, me, son Kory holding Heidi, SIL Joe, daughter Helen holding Erika, son Nick, Jill, DIL Hayley holding Cameron and Murph the dog.

My business is named Run 'n Stitch because when I started it several years ago, my two passions were running and stitching.  In addition, the running stitch is the foundation stitch, used for everything from making clothing to sewing quits together.  I think the name fit my interests perfectly.  These days, I don't run marathons, but I still stitch.  I love to quilt and I've found a new love-machine embroidery.  I do a little knitting and make an apron and a shirt or two now and then as well.

This blog showcases life in a rural Alaskan town from the eyes of a person who loves to sew.  There's a little of this and a little of that and a lot of stitching.