Thursday, October 16, 2014

October Table Runner

Two patterns, three Autumn table runners.  Dana Verrengia is the creator of this first pattern.  It was so fun to put together with large patterns and fusible appliqué.  The pumpkin batik border is the perfect fabric to bring this piece together.
 I used Laurie Shifrin's Making Waves pattern to make this second table runner.  This runner went together very quickly and I loved the result.  
 This third table runner is a combination of the top two.  I made the middle of the runner a little smaller and the ends a little longer than the second runner.   I used Dana Verringia's pumpkin pattern on both ends of the runner.  I think there are probably a million things you could do combining these two patterns. 
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  1. They are real beauties. Great colors and amazing work.

  2. The Applique on that first runner is amazing, and you picked the exact perfect fabrics for the second and third. that corved look is awesome, and I love the fabric on both your center panels.

    1. Thank you Robin! It's all raw edge appliqué, which is very fun and easy.

  3. Beautiful pumpkins and vines! Love the combo in your third table runner.

  4. They are all wonderful. I can't decide if I favor the first one or the last one. I like your curvy piecing too.

  5. Nice combination of the two for the third runner - very clever. I never knew Alaska had some rain forest? (I saw that in your "About Me".) That is extremely interesting to me! I'm always a little jealous of anyone who lives in Alaska. :)