Friday, November 29, 2013

My Family

Although we all live in the same little town, we are rarely able to get together as a family.  We were almost all together on Hayley's birthday in October.  Joey was working and not able to make it to celebrate.  I have 3 children.  To my right is my middle son Kory, in the orange coat.  To my left is my oldest son Nick.  To Nick's left is my baby girl Helen with her baby girl, Audrey.  Holding up the end, is my husband Doug.  Kory's fiance Tanelle is next to Kory and Hayley, the birthday girl, is holding my oldest granddaughter, Jillian. She is Hayley and Nick's daughter.  

Joey and Audrey

Thanksgiving 2013  
Two of my kids were in town

Nick, Hayley and Jillian

Helen, Joey and Audrey

Just as Helen and Joey were leaving, my mom and dad came over for a night cap.  We had to snap the first picture of 4 generations of women.  

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