Doug and I spend January and February on the road.  We grab our dog, hop in our truck and get on the ferry.  We travel via the Alaska Marine Highway to either Prince Rupert or Bellingham, drive to Anacortes and pick up our trailer and start our trip South.  Our trip always begins with a weekend in the  Portland/Vancouver area where we have a nice visit with Jendy, Paul and Peter and Ben, Amy, Tesla and AI.

We began this routine in 2007 with our our old standard Ford 150 and a little tiny trailer we purchased with our permanent fund money and our Sarah Palin money.  When Sarah Palin was our governor, she gave everyone in the State of Alaska some money to help with the high cost of heating fuel in 2006.  At the same time, the permanent fund payout was really high so we combined these funds and had enough to buy a little trailer.  The Sarah Palin money helped us to mitigate the high cost of fuel.  You don't need much heating fuel in the desert.

The first year, everything was new, everything was a first.  We spent two months figuring out how to navigate and drive the roads of the Pacific Coast and the Southwest; how to find RV parks, State Parks and National parks to stay in; how to operate and fix an RV; how to turn around in really small spaces; and many other things.  Since 2007 we have purchased two new trucks and we traded our trailer in for a larger model-three times, and we stayed in lots of places.  Each year we return to a few of the places we love and we find new places to explore.  When we leave Petersburg, we have a general plan about what we want to do, and usually a few planned destinations, but most of our time is spent ending up somewhere.  If you travel in an RV and would like some ideas about interesting places to go, you might find some here.

*Please note that I have linked each of the places listed below to their web pages on the individual page.  If you click on the red words on the individual pages, you will be directed to the website.

If you want information about:

Morro Bay and the Central California Coast  CLICK HERE

Carlsbad, California Marathon CLICK HERE

Lake Morena County Park in San Diego County CLICK HERE

Anza Borrego Desert State Park  CLICK HERE AND HERE

Bureau of Land Management Land (BLM Land) CLICK HERE

Buckeye, Arizona CLICK HERE

McDowell Mountain, Arizona CLICK HERE

Picacho Peak State Park, Arizona CLICK HERE

Kartchner Caverns State Park, Arizona CLICK HERE

Monterey, California CLICK HERE

San Diego, California CLICK HERE

Time to Go  CLICK HERE

Fidalgo Bay Resort  CLICK HERE

Cotton Lane RV Park  CLICK HERE

Skyline Trail in Goodyear, AZ CLICK HERE

Estrella Mountain Regional Park Goodyear, AZ  CLICK HERE

Cave Creek Regional Park  CLICK HERE

Lake Pleasant Regional Park  CLICK HERE

Catalina State Park. CLICK HERE

Pusch Peak via Linda Vista Loop Trail CLICK HERE

Algadones CLICK HERE

Julian Museum CLICK HERE

KOA Metro in Chula Vista, CA. CLICK HERE

Chula Vista Bayside Park CLICK HERE

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  1. Thanks for this list. It will be fun to follow the links as we decide some fun destinations!