Sunday, June 2, 2019

4th Of July Table Runner

How would you like to make this very easy table runner for your 4th of July picnic?  You can make this fun little table topper with only 3 fat quarters and a yard and a half of fabric for backing and binding.  You can make this table runner as long and as wide as you want or turn it into a quilt by making more blocks.  The table runner with 3 fat quarters is 3 blocks wide by 7 blocks long.  The one in this image is 3 X 8.  The one I made for this post is 3 X 6 because that was the size I needed for the table it will go on.  So in other words, have fun with this easy block.

Step 1.  Cut your strips so they measure 2.5" X 22".  You will get 7 strips from each fat quarter.

Step 2.  Sew two of the strips together as pictured. 

Step 3.  Sew the third strip to all of the pairs.  You will have (7) strips that measure 6.5" by 22"

Step 4. Press to the dark side.

Step 5.  Cut each of the strips into (3) 6.5" X 6.5" blocks.  You will have 21 blocks.

Step 6.  Arrange your blocks so that you sew three together that look like one of these rows and 4 that look like the other row.    Press toward the vertical row so your seams nest nicely when you sew the rows together like they are laid out in the image below. When your rows are sewn together you will have 7 rows with three blocks in each row.

Step 7.  Make a little sandwich out of your top, batting and backing.  Do a little stipple-or whatever you want, to hold your sandwich together. 

Step 8.  Add a binding and your topper is ready to use.

Find the fabrics I used for this table runner HERE

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  1. Fun patriotic table runner!

  2. I love this little tabletopper in pretty..and Summer-ey...
    hugs, Julierose

  3. Love your little runner, especially in red/white/blue!

  4. Kathi, thanks for the inspiration! I made a red, white, and blue tablerunner, too - it will be in my blog post that publishes tomorrow (6-23). I linked mine to yours so people could see my inspiration and also your tutorial. Thanks!

  5. Hi Kathi! I was just checking to see if you are okay. It's been a while since I last saw a post from you. I also have PINned this table runner - I'm going to make one some day soon. ~smile~ Roseanne