Sunday, October 5, 2014

Humpy 500

Another sign of Fall in Petersburg, the Humpy 500.  PFI sponsors this fun event for kids.  The first race was about 20 years ago.  Young kids, ages 7 to 11 are eligible to race.  The participants get an old oil barrel and design their cart around it.  Then they decorate it.  This year there were 3 teams participating, and they sure had fun.  Teams consist of one driver and a support team.

Here is the Starfish team.
The driver of the King Crab Cart.
The Barracuda Team.
Race Support and Spectators

The teams each had a fun pre-race chant...

Racer's families hung out together, talking strategy and watching the race.
The Race...
Carts were wheeled up the hill by the support teams.  They were placed side by side at the top of the start ramp and then down they went.

Patrick started this tradition about 20 years ago.  He is still on hand to announce the race AND the winners of the Canned Salmon Classic, another activity he started about 20 years ago.  The winner of the Canned Salmon Classic is the person who comes closest to guessing the number of salmon cans filled at PFI each year.  This year the winner was Melva Randrup!  Congratulations!!
Thank you Patrick and PFI for sponsoring this fun event for kids!

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  1. More wonderful photos! It sounds like a wonderful event!